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The Real Leader of MediaInterview with Son Bum-soo('82, Dept. of Business Administration)
Kim Jin Cub Reporter  |
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승인 2006.04.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

▲ Photographed by Kim Young-sung
BRIGHT LIGHTS illuminate the studio. Many cameras in front of the stage anxiously wait for him. Finally he appears on the stage and the audience loudly welcomes him. Producers, writers and the staff members look at him admiringly. He is Son Bum-soo ('82, Dept. of Business Administration), a famous announcer in modern Korean media. He has emceed programs on all major Korean broadcasting channels such as KBS, MBC, and SBS.

  Annals: You have been in many programs including Achim- madang(Morning Garden) on KBS. Could you tell us more about your job?

A freelance announcer's life is  very tiring. I must be ready early in the morning for Achim madang which is filmed live. Then I lead a broadcasting discussion about the next day's show with producers. Moreover, these days I host a new program on EBS so, I have to rush from Yeouido to Yangjae. The new program is called An Attic of Knowledge. The new show offers useful knowledge for our daily lives. I have to record two weeks of programs on EBS. Filming takes 6 hours. It's not an easy work, but I enjoy it.

  Do you have any impressive memories of your student life at Yonsei?

  I spent my university life in the Broadcasting club (YBS). I was the emcee of a radio music program at Yonsei. The YBS used to make a funny quiz using music and suggested many sweet songs. Many couples came to Chungsongdae(Yonsei's forest which consists of bamboos and walks) because of the mood of the songs. I even received fan letters including requested music from some ladies. Because my department, the Dept. of Business Administration, had a large number of students, I couldn't be close with all the students. So I spent my university life with my YBS friends mostly.

  As a Yonsei graduate, what message would you like to leave Yonseians?

  These days there are a lot of poor people in this world. I want Yonseians to remember them. We, Yonseians, are blessed leaders of this society. No matter what your major is, and how you succeed, Yonseians must consider the question, "So what?" after achieving any dreams. I want you not to settle in your success. Please try to transcend your limitations and live a life of sharing and serving. If Yonseians rise to this challenge, I assure this society can be changed.

  Many Yonseians look up to you as a successful alumni. Could you tell us some keys to your success?
  What I would like to mention is about my favorite saying. You probably all know it. "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." This is the motto of Yonsei University. What is the truth? What is freedom? Please consider these questions in your heart.

  Do you have any last words for Yonseians?

  I believe human life is a continuous series of decisions. Your future can be changed by each decision you make. Once deciding one way of two directions, however, never turn back and never regret. Moving forward is the key to taking the right path for your life.

▲ Photographed by Kim Young-sung

  "I want Yonseians to be real leaders, the light that will shine over all the world," he says. Even bright studio lights and the loud applause of audiences cannot describe him, or his life. Son Bum-soo is a real leader with many values, both in the media communication industry and in his personal life.


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