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A Meeting with Students from the Univ. of Oklahoma
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승인 2006.06.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

▲ Univ. of Oklahoma students visiting Yonsei
(Photographed by Bang Hyun-duk)
ON MAY 11th, the students from the University of Oklahoma(OU) visited Yonsei. The event was held by the Dept. of Metal. System Engin. to help the OU students understand Korean culture and Korean universities' educational systems. The Yonsei Annals conducted this interview on behalf of Yonsei.

  During the interview OU students pointed out cultural differences and similarities. "Koreans are extremely nice to foreigners like us. The variety of food and drinks in the market such as kimchi, bulgogi, and soju impressed us very much. The way Koreans act and talk to older people was shocking also," Joe Frank Pace said. However, Blake McAskill, a student, emphasized the similarities of both countries. "We have similarities too. Like Yon-Ko Athletic Meet, we have a festival which takes place in the fall with two contrasting teams: sororities and fraternities."

  "We hope Yonsei will hold this kind of events many times to enable many foreign students like us to have a chance to experience Korean culture," said Steven Cooksey. As he wished, many other departments at Yonsei are planning to initiate similar student exchange programs.

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