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Corea Couple Culture?A survey on CCC, with 100 Yonseians
Cho Eul-ah Assisstant Reporter  |
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승인 2006.06.01  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THERE ARE a lot of parodies about the idiom "CCC": the name of a christian dongahree, old name of Yonsei, Chosun Christian College, and for Campus Couple Cutter and Coming out Class Couple and so on. Among these, the most provocative meaning is our topic for this month, Cross Campus Couple! Cross Campus Couple is a kind of college student couple, consisting of one Yonseian and one another campus student who is not a Yonseian. The Yonsei Annals, full of curiosity, conducted a survey on CCC with 100 Yonseians who are and used to be Cross Campus Couples.

① Freshmen (31)
② Sophomores (37)
③ Juniors (26)
④ Seniors (6)

① Male (69)
② Female (31)

  In Psychology, there is a theory that people can feel friendly toward someone because of the "proximity". Also there is another theory called "mere-exposure effect", which indicates that someone's affection toward something increases only by repetitive exposure. However, in terms of "CCC", how can we explain those phenomena? As we have seen above, more than 40% of CCC replied their dating lasted for over 300days. Moreover, despite being physically far from each other, over 50% Yonseians said that they will not be changed by any temptation from opposite sex of Yonseians. It is absolutely true that they have as much or sometimes even deeper affection than just Campus Couples.


  In fact, when the Annals conducted this survey, we experienced hardships finding 100 CCC to participate in the survey. This implies that although we see many "CCC" around us, there are still many more "CC" than "CCC." Whether CCC or CC, what is important is how much do they love each other. I hope that all the couples would be happy in the future forever rejecting such a theory as "proximity" or "mere-exposure effect." Good luck, lovely Cross Campus Couples!

▲ Illustrated by Kim Yeon-ji

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