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Passion+Dream=MiraclePyo Jae-sun, magician of theatre and festival
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승인 2007.05.28  19:26:58
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

Last May, “Hi Seoul Festival” was held. The festival, held from 2003, attracted 4,500,000 people in 9 days. Although it is yet in a stage of growing, it is a gorgeous start to make Seoul an international brand. *The Yonsei Annals* interviewed Pyo Jae-sun ('56, dept., of history), the general director of “Hi Seoul Festival”.


My journey to become a general director
   For five years, with the exception of last year, I have worked as a general director of the “Hi Seoul Festival,” and I am also teaching students in the Professional graduate school of communication and arts. I have worked as a member in Theater Art Association when I was a university student, where I developped interest in theatre plays. At the moment, only the handsome could play an important role in the play, so I rather chose way to become a producer. Working as a producer, I found myself very passionate about this activity I do. As a matter of fact, I have directed more than 100 plays and musicals, and I was a general director in the opening ceremony of both the 88 Olympics and 2002 World Cup.

As a general director
   Through this festival, I planned a party where citizens can become interested in Han River and Korean history, so that Seoul can become a truly global city. I established a field of participation, from parades reviving our unique history to the Water Bridge, walk across Han River. Although there are weak points yet to improve, I am satisfied with attracting people's interest. The festival was different from that of other countries like the Octoberfest in Germany or Samba festival in Brazil, since it had various themes. I think different subjects can become a positive accomplishment of Hi Seoul Festival.

A lover of Korean heritage
   The slogan of the festival was "Miracle Seoul, where tradition meets future." I tried hard to make people feel the unique cultural heritage of Korean history, become interested in our tradition and "Ours." I have always used Korean culture and history, even when I directed the ceremonies during the '88 Olympics and 2002 World Cup. Our history, our culture is a well that never dries. For instance, if we can make people realize the value of *Hyo* through the King Jeongjo’s Royal Procession. When we rediscover the value of our heritage and modernize it, we can make great things all the time.


Endless curiosity
   The reason that I participated actively in a variety of projects throughout my life, is why I developed my curiosity. I had to solve my inquisitiveness even though I had to stay up the whole night. Curiosity makes people think creatively. "A walk on the pontoon bridge“ was an example. When almost everyone said stepping across Han River is impossible, I made it possible with just a simple idea. It is like Columbus' egg. Small changes in thinking enable creation.


To Yonseians
   I want you to have a positive mindset. You are young, with broad possibilities. Thinking "I can do it" is the key of success. Have dreams, ambition, and passion. Find a task which can motivate you from the inside; that is the only way to live an active life. I also want you to have the "virtue of modesty." There is a saying in the Bible, "People with poverty have luck." As you can take good things in when a cup is not full, only people with modest minds can meet good people and have an unexpected luck. The last thought I want to share is, "never put off until tomorrow what you can do today." It may sound boring and simple, but it is necessary to achieve success.

   Just like a vivid festival, Pyo looked bright and energetic. Seeing him educate our future's talent, and endeavor for the future of Seoul, we could see a future, in which our dreams will come true.

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