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Breathtaking Match Encouraging Hope for the Future
Kang Jung-min Cub-Reporter  |
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승인 2007.10.10  18:45:29
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


THE BLUE waves overspread basketball court at Seoul Sports Complex with the ardent voices shouting We love Yonsei on Oct. 5th. Surging crowd from both Yonsei Univ. and Korea Univ. were thoroughly involved in the game believing in their players separately all through the exciting and close game.

   During the first quarter, there were a lot of trials appealed not only to the crowd but also players with tireless efforts against Korea Univ.’s skillful players, Ha Jae-pil (Soph., Dept. of Sport and Leisure Studies) and Cha Jae-young (Sr., Dept. of Sport and Leisure Studies). Although Lee Jeong-hyun (Soph., Dept. of Physical Education) got many chances to sink free throws, the second quarter reopened a score of 16-32.

   However, from the second half of the game, Yonsei leading players Park Hyung-chul (Soph., Dept. of Physical Education) and Kim Hyun-ho (Fresh,. Dept. of Physical Education) did great jobs in the game catching up with Korea Univ. As a result, Park Hyung-chul led team players in the latter quarters with outstanding scores against Korea Univ.’s violent foul plays narrowing the huge gap to 67-75 only eight scores behind.

   In spite of splendid plays of Yonsei, Korea Univ. defeated Yonsei Univ. by the score of 75-90. One of the outperforming players of this match, Park Hyung-chul said “First of all, I’m sorry for the defeat despite we narrowed the scores in the latter quarters. Unfortunately, we felt a great heartbreaking and disappointment for this close match. However, Yonsei Univ. will win victory for following years with continuous efforts and Yonseians’ supports.” During this hard game, endless encouragements from the bottom of the hearts between players and Yonseians would inspire Yonsei players to hopeful future.

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