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Lecture on ‘The Corporate Culture of Samsung’
Kim Yoon-ha, Cub Reporter  |
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승인 2007.10.22  23:48:20
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
ON OCT. 19, Prof. Ko Seung-hee(Dept. of Business Admin., Dankook Univ.) gave a lecture about ‘The corporate culture of Samsung’ at Widang Hall as a course of ‘Understanding of the corporate culture’ presented by the Humanities Center for New Paradigms at Yonsei.

   Ko focused his speech on what corporate culture made Samsung become a leading company today. He said, “On 21 century, there has to be a specific ‘theme’ to succeed in this information-overflowing world. And Samsung is one of the best companies which chose the right theme.”

   Then Ko explained that ‘Samsung culture’ started from Lee Beong-chul, the founder of Samsung who not only aspired to make his company the best but also returned the profits to the society. As Lee Gun-hee became the next CEO of Samsung, he formed two major themes, ‘Philanthropism’ and ‘Social Investment’, following the keynote of his father. Ko emphasized that even in the keen competition of 21 century, Lee Gun-hee did not forget to contribute to the social and global welfare, and that is how Samsung could grow this big.

   Kwon Hae-won (Fresh., University College, Foreign Language & Lit.), who listened to the speech, said, “After listening to the lecture, I could realize that what was the mainspring of the development of Samsung and how important the corporate culture is.” It was a precious opportunity for Yonseians who were interested in Samsung to know more about the company.
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