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When the Night is OverTribute to morning, a magical painter
Ahn Yoon-hwan, Reporter  |
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승인 2007.10.31  23:46:54
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

THE DAWN breaks after a long night of deep darkness and silence. The city, lightened up by glaring red sun, begins to regains its vitality. As the sunlight puts more and more vigor into the world, birds begin to cackle brightly. They are like the natural alarm clocks that wake up the land. Morning has again woken up from its sleep, splashing its paint brush of light to give color to the planet. Lets look at what morning can draw out of its marvelous color.

Drawing the tranquility

Air is still cold after the night without the light. Despite its coldness, there is also this refreshing feeling in the humid morning breeze, which is sure to energize the diligent early birds. It is much like scent from a cup of morning coffee, which brings you back to life. Bright orange sunshine on a sunny morning is a pleasure that we can enjoy, and a nice cure for your gloomy heart. The tranquility that lies under the slowness and quietness is a color that the morning can show.   


Drawing the busyness


As people start to move on to do their job, the morning gets busy. The quietness of the early morning is disturbed by the roaring transportations full of people. The roads begin to become congested with the cars beginning to show their sleek moves after a nights rest. Those vehicles take in and pour out thousands of people, creating busyness in the places where they reach.



Drawing the faces

   People run and walk towards their destinations, with a cup of coffee or today’s newspaper in hand. Some people still seem tired after yesterday’s work, while others look refreshed, walking actively in hurrying steps. Their faces show uncountable kinds of expressions, in which morning has done some brush touching.





   Who was it that coined the phrase History is made at night? Observing various scenes taking place in the morning, it became clear that History is also made in the morning. The powerful energy that wells up from morning is clearly a driving force that makes a day possible. Surely, morning can be conceived as the painstaking time to wake up from a sweet slumber. However, it is the time of beginning, the signal shot in a busy race that lasts for 24 hours. Are you ready for another race? Here the morning comes!



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