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승인 2007.11.21  23:21:13
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리
STARTING FROM November 13 to 15, the Symposium Committee of Yonsei held the first Yonsei-Korea-Keio-Waseda Millennium Graduate Student Symposium in Yonsei Univ., which was sponsored by the Asia Research Fund. They called this a twin event where the objective is to gather young researchers and support them in exchanging their perspectives and ideas on the significant issues on Asia.
  The symposium was composed of panel discussions with breaks between each session. It focused on the matters relating to history, society, and culture of Asia, peace and security, economy and industrial cooperation in Asia, and other studies. The symposium invited four universities, as stated above, to promote joint research, increase mutual understanding of Asian studies, and encourage team work through the symposium. 
   Thursday, November 15 was the last session of the whole symposium. After all the long sessions, the symposium seemed to be working out smoothly instead of being a stiff and overly academic meeting. The room also filled with laughter after a professor made a joke about the projector that was not working well.
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