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Talk About Stars100 Yonseians’ thoughts about entertainers
Kang Ji-sun  |
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승인 2008.04.29  00:06:31
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리


“I’M so sorry, but I love you~.” Doesn’t this somehow sound familiar to you? It is part of the lyrics of one of last year’s most famous songs, “Lie” by Big bang. Throughout campus, most Yonseians used to hum to themselves, “I’m so sorry! But I love you!” As this clearly shows, entertainers compose parts of our lives in a variety of ways. If this is the case, what do entertainers mean to Yonseians? Are they just subjects of conversations or ideal images to lovers? The Yonsei Annals conducted a light-hearted but candid survey based on Yonseians’ thoughts about entertainers.


Q1: Have you ever fallen in love with an entertainer?

Yes: 92
No: 8

A large majority of Yonseians said yes. Unlike reality, in the case of love with stars, it is much easier to fall in love without feeling great responsibility. Loving a star usually does not require any reactions from a partner since loves are aroused from pure admiration in most cases. Also, you don’t have to be sorry for cheating, even if your affection for a star changes. It’s like your love with someone is totally under your control and you can moderate as you see fit. However, the most miserable thing is that there is less than a 0.1% chance of your dream of being in love with a celebrity coming true. It means that your love is 99.9% likely to remain one-sided forever. How tragic!


Q2: Why did you admire him/her?The 92 Yonseians who said they had fallen in love with an entertainer, answered this question. As expected, Yonseians were attracted to entertainers’ charming appearances the most. Though it is not very desirable to judge people by the way they look, attractive entertainers inadvertently cause people indulge in their charms. Perhaps Yonseians could not help themselves becoming enamored with such charming guys and girls who are rarely seen in daily life. It’s just a human instinct.

Q3: Have you ever dreamed of marriage or love with an entertainer?

Yes: 48
No: 52


Dreams are just dreams. However, it’s so fantastic to dream about getting married to a star. Even if others laugh at your idle wish, you can still secretly pursue your dream. It turned out that nearly half of Yonseians have dreamt about marrying stars. Perhaps their imagination may have caused those Yonseians’ cheeks to blush pink. Hey, those of you who are reading this, haven’t you experienced the same thing? Don’t be shy; be honest. Your red cheeks might be so cute.


Q4: Have you ever tried to change your appearance in order to look like a certain charming entertainer? (e.g. going on a diet, changing your hairstyle, plastic surgery)

Yes: 29
No: 71

In general, stars have really charming and attractive appearances. Also, they often create fashion and hairstyle trends, which spread to the public. However, according to the survey, it turned out that the majority of Yonseians do not care much about stars’ trends and don’t consider the charming appearances of stars as fads worth following. 71 Yonseians answered that they have never tried to model themselves after their idols, and just the rest replied that they have made some changes in order to look like entertainers. Stars look so fascinating, but it may not be worth following the trouble, even if their styles look good on them. You may find yourself ill because of an extreme diet, or your new hairstyle may not suit you. Don’t make changes in an excessive way, and keep your style moderate!

Q5: What do entertainers mean to you?

What do entertainers mean to Yonseians? Research revealed that Yonseians generally consider entertainers to be “people who please me.” When you are depressed or have nothing to do, entertainers on TV become your friends. Sometimes they arouse your laughter and make you feel good with their brilliant acting, performance and humor. However, if fans exist, there are also those uninterested in such entertainers. 20 Yonseians, or one out of five, said that entertainers mean nothing to them. The entertainers may be sad to hear this.

Q6: Yes or No? Have I ever done it before?

Have smart and fascinating Yonseians with good looks ever expressed their love to entertainers? Surprisingly, it seems that they have overwhelmingly expressed their love eagerly in passive ways. The well-known but groundless rumor that Yonseians are romantics was revealed to be true.

 ☞ I have watched TV programs or movies just because my favorite star appeared in them. 

 Yes: 71  No: 29
 ☞ I have sent presents or fan letters to entertainers.

Yes:No : 97
 ☞ I have joined an official fan club.

 Yes:11  No : 89
☞ I have visited my favorite star’s house to see him/her.

Yes:No: 99
 ☞ I have gone to autograph sessions or concerts to see my favorite star.

Yes: 35  No: 65
 ☞ I have set up a background image on my cell phone or desktop with pictures of my favorite star.

Yes: 53  No: 47

Q7: Who are you looking forward to seeing the most at AKARAKA?

19 Yonseians said they don’t have any particular entertainer who they hope to see at AKARAKA. However, the other 81 Yonseians said they hope that their favorite entertainer would come to AKARAKA and please Yonseians. The most popular one among Yonseians who replied was the idol group Bigbang. The next most popular group was Girls' Generation, who had one less vote than Bigbang. The following in order of popularity were Lee Juck and Wonder Girls. Will those Yonseians’ hopes come true this month? No one knows! It’s the Yonsei Yell Leaders’ secret, but the Annals as well as this reporter hopes so.


*                   *                   *

Of course, we Yonseians know that stars’ images, seen on the screen, are mostly made up and they additionally stir feelings of lookism. However, we can’t stop loving stars. Otherwise, how have entertainers drawn the public’s attention so far? There must have been reasons, despite the dark side of showbiz. They entertain and amuse us with their talents and passion. They are also too attractive to be ignored. This month, lots of entertainers will come to Yonsei Univ.’s festival AKARAKA and perform in a fantastic show, bringing 20,000 Yonseians together as one. Enjoy your moments with the stars!




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