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A Look into the Realm of SyndromesSocial and psychological syndromes under the surface of society
Kim Hwa-young  |
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승인 2008.04.29  00:49:26
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RECENTLY, SOCIAL and psychological syndromes have captured much attention. These syndromes are not actual medical diseases, but terms used in popular psychology that deals with prominent theories explaining people’s thoughts and behaviors. They arose from problems borne by a complex and rapidly changing society. It is important to dissect the causes of these syndromes in order to deal with them head-on and cure them. The first step is delving into the world of social and psychological syndromes to find out more.

                                                                                                The Adonis Complex 
                                                         Most women are concerned with how they look, but what about men? Some men are also obsessed with their body image and have been labeled as having an Adonis Complex. The name “Adonis” originated from the figure in Greek mythology who symbolizes the epitome of masculinity. The coining of this complex implies that success for men is represented not merely by wealth and authority but also by looks, due to fiercer competition among men in society. Also, the boundary between the two sexes became less distinct, making the qualities of masculinity more vague. As a result, the perception that men with better looks are more masculine has taken hold. 

                                        Blue Bird Syndrome                                              

Blue Bird Syndrome refers to the social phenomenon in which people cannot adjust to changes in society or the workplace. The term was extracted from the famous play by Maurice Marterlinck, The Blue Bird, where the main characters seek happiness, which was closer than they realized. Those with this syndrome are unsatisfied with their current life and dream about a splendid future, without putting forth any effort. Everyone identifies with this syndrome to a certain extent, but a more serious case can result in clinical symptoms like depression or anxiety. Blue Bird Syndrome is instigated due to competition in modern society, which can dissuade people from believing in the possibility of success. 



                                      Peter Pan Syndrome 
Peter Pan Syndrome is the fear or reluctance to become an adult and bear responsibility as a mature human being. Both sexes are affected by this syndrome, but men are more prone to its more serious stages. It was named after the children’s tale “Peter Pan,” about a boy who wishes to remain as a child, unwilling to grow up. The term was first used in 1983 by psychologist Dan Kiley. This syndrome often results in young adults who had a pleasant childhood and overprotective parents, and thus lack the skills required to confront life. Those with this syndrome see the adult world as daunting, and reminisce about their privileged childhood.


Smile Mask Syndrome 

Smile Mask Syndrome is a state in which one smiles on the surface but cries on the inside. People with this syndrome do not show any visible signs of depression, but suffer melancholia inward. Their appetite and sexual desire often diminish and a state of languor, hopelessness, and self-accusation persists. This syndrome occurs when one cannot resolve stress in an oppressive work environment or family. 



Moodcela Syndrome 

Everyone tends to keep good memories and forget the bad ones, but if the seriousness of this behavior reaches a certain degree and is distorted, it becomes a disorder which requires treatment. Those with this syndrome only recall pleasant memories and erase the undesirable ones. They are nostalgic about the past and consider it as a means to escape from their present difficulties. The proclivity to remember only likable memories was named after a figure in Genesis called Methusela, known as the man who lived the longest. This is because one needs to be optimistic in order to live a long life.

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