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One Embarrassing Story of Mine
Yoo Young-seo  |
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승인 2008.11.27  19:21:50
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

EVERYONE experiences embarrassing moments that can never be forgotten. Those memories come across your mind even when you try to sleep and make you want to bang your head on a wall. However, your stories sometimes can be very entertaining to others and you might even get a chance to reflect upon yourself by sharing them with trusted confidants.

Lee Eon-hee
(Soph., Dept. of Nursing)

I went to a jjimjil-bang, a Korean sauna, with my boyfriend. I fell asleep, while snoring softly. All of a sudden, I snored so loud that the sound woke me up. My boyfriend also heard my snoring and saw me awaken, surprised. He said that it was okay, but the incident made me go crazy with embarrassment. Sometimes my boyfriend teases me by bringing up the incident, but it let us become more comfortable with each other.



Ko Gang-su
(Soph., Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engin.)


One day, I urgently went to the toilet. With no doubt, I used the toilet. When I came  I pretended not to know. Of course, I was so embarrassed!out, I saw this group of girls gazing at me in surprise. I was also surprised wondering why so many girls were standing in front of the boys' toilet. I figured out why when I saw the word "Women" on the door. It makes me go insane if I think about the girls who probably thought that I was a pervert. But, there WAS a men's urinal and I did use it!




Kim Hyun-sik
(Sr., Dept. of Industrial & Info. Engin.)

It was when I realized my carelessness for my family. One day, my sister sent me a text message saying that it was my father's birthday, and to wish him a happy birthday. I had completely forgotten about his birthday due to studying several years abroad. I know that this is a poor excuse to cover my mistake but I definitely got a chance to put shame on myself.





Choi Tae-joung
(Fresh., University College, Humanities)

Once, my friends and I got frustrated working and so we started surfing on the Internet. At that time, the plastic surgery changes of Korean celebrities were the issue. Their before-and-after photos made us laugh so hard that I accidently passed gas. Everyone laughed at the sound and tried to find out who did it.






Oh Soo-won
(Fresh., University College, Engin.)

The incident happened in a Taekwondo class. I fell asleep right after I started meditating, which we did before the actual training. The trainer said that I did not wake up when the meditation time was over, even when everyone was laughing out loud at me. He felt absurd, so he let the children shout the Taekwondo concentration yell at me. I woke up all surprised and mortified. I cannot forget others' faces laughing at me.





Yong Seung-chul
(Jr., Dept. of Business Admin.)

I was addicted to computer games last year. One time, I was hurrying to leave the house

and meet my friend at a PC room. On the way, I had some people looking at me with unexplainable looks but I did not really care. When I got to the PC room, my friend laughed his head off. I found out that I was wearing different shoes, a black basketball shoe and a white sneaker. I realized my addiction to computer games, and was ashamed.
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