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Your Very Own Bucket List
Min Ji-young  |
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승인 2009.11.24  18:35:48
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

HAVE YOU seen the movie The Bucket List? "The Bucket List" in the film refers to things that one should do before dying. This movie is about the preparations for their death by two men who are diagnosed with terminal illresses. By going through the list of things to do, they realize the true meaning of "living", and eventually accept death without fear or burden. As in the film, do you have your own Bucket List? And, if you were going to die tomorrow, what would you want to do, and with whom?  

Kim Seung-hwan
(Sr., Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engin.)

There is a Korean proverb, "Tigers die and leave their skin; people die and leave their names." As a human being, I want to be remembered as a "good" person rather than fade away as a trivial person. Thus, I would like to talk with people about my life before I die, and further advise them not to hesitate in challenging. I think I would have had achieved much more if I were less hesitant.

Lee Hyun-woo
(Sr., Dept. of Econ.)

I want to have my "preliminary funeral" with those I love, as Morrie did in the book Tuesdays with Morrie. I will be able to have a grasp of the feeling of death by doing so. I also want to write letters to my acquaintances, thanking them for being with me. Since I greatly value human relationships, I will try not to leave without saying good-bye.

Dan Sang-woo
(Soph., Dept. of Business Admin.)

If I were to die tomorrow, I think I would just focus on the things that I want to do, such as visiting the places I wanted to go to and eating what I wanted to eat. I enjoy listening to underground indie (independent) band music because it gives me a peaceful and calm mind. Since it plays a great part in my life, I would like to inscribe on my tombstone the following words: "Please love Korean underground indie band music."


Hong Ji-soo
(Fresh., University College, Foreign Language & Lit.)

If I were to die tomorrow, I want to apologize to my middle school friend with whom I recently had a fight. I would like to apologize, whether she accepts it or not. Since I am not the kind of person who gets along with many different people, I have only a few very close friends, and this friend is one of them. Having not been able to express my affection toward others, I want to share my mind with friends and family members before I die.

Keh Min-jee
(Fresh., University College, Social Science)

Having thought about death before I go to sleep, I think I would want to do things that I cannot do in everyday life. Traveling to countries in Africa or the Middle-East ― which people are usually reluctant to visit ― could be one option. I want not only to experience a totally new environment and lifestyle, but also to spend time with the impoverished people there. By doing so, I believe that I could feel much more gratitude for having lived a cozy and happy life.

Ahn Sang-woo
(Jr., Dept. of Nursing)

I used to think about death when I fell into a slump. But as time went by and I thought about death, I came to think whether the troubles I had were worthy of keeping in mind because they seemed trivial with the passing of time. Having learned how to cook Western dishes, I would cook delicious food for those I love before I die. Since my cooking skills will become useless the moment I die, I would like to use my talent for others before my death.

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