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승인 2004.11.05  00:00:00
트위터 페이스북 구글 카카오스토리

▲ from Yonsei Medical Center
THE SCHOOL of Rehabilitation celebrated its 40th anniversary in the Alumni Hall on Oct. 22, 2004.

   Many attendees addressed congratulatory statements at the ceremony. "I would like to thank all students, graduates, staff members, and parents for their unconditional love and support," declared Pres. Jung Chang-young. The ceremony subsequently presented musical pieces, including a solo recital using the saxophone and vocal ensembles performed by parents of the Alumni.

   The school states its primary aspiration as "Educating children to love one another and to equip them with the capability of carrying out one's own duties with healthy bodies and minds." The continued success of the institution substantiates its anticipated growth. Statistics in March indicated there were 16 facilities for utilization by 63 students.

   "Much gratitude is extended to Pres. Jung, school staffs, graduates, and parents for their cooperation and support. We will strive for improvements so more parents feel comfortable leaving their children in our care," said Park Suk-ja, Principal of the School of Rehabilitation.

   As the school maintains its strong reputation, it is expected to progress in growth, as its garners further trust from potential students and their families.

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Attending summer scohol in Seoul is a lot of fun. I did it last year and might just do it again this year if things work out. For those who want to study Korean in Korea, you should consider Sogang University's KIP (Korean Immersion Program). I really enjoyed my time at Sogang and I got to meet a lot of lovely people from all over the world. Their beginner classes are really good, so I learned a lot even though the program was only 5 weeks. KIP in specific combines Korean classes with culture classes, which is why I picked it over other programs. Also, a couple of the students from last year were or still are HS students, so it's certainly something to look into even if you haven't graduaded from HS yet. But I also had friends who attended Korean summer classes at Ehwa Univ. and Yonsei Univ. and they all seemed to enjoy their classes, but the teaching style differs a bit, so it's always a good idea to do some research first. Anyway, great entry, Paula.
(2012-04-24 13:02:47)
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