June, the Month of Ho guk bo hun
In commemoration of patriotic martyrs and their fidelity
JUNE IS the month of ho guk bo hun, a Korean term that refers to the defense of one’s nation and redemption of patriotism. The term ho guk bo hun connotes the sacrifice of lives for the sake of national security and democracy. As the dates of the outbreak of the Korean War, June pro-democracy movement, and Memorial Day all happen to be in June, this month is referred to as the month of ho guk bo hun. To commemorate the souls of the fallen heroes who served as the guardian of peace and democracy of this nation, the national commemoration ceremony is annually held in the Seoul National Cemetery. The Yonsei Annals paid a special visit to the Hyeon-chung-sa Shrine to trace back the significance of the June ho guk bo hun spirit, its relationship with the Hyeon-chung-sa Shrine, and continuous pro-Japanese controversies surrounding the shrine.